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How Does it Work?


After you inquire about a commission and decide on a type that fits for you, I will need  references  of your pet or character.  I use the photos of your pet to see their colors and markings.  If there is a photo you'd like me to work from, I'd be happy to, but it is not required.  If you want a certain pose or expression, but don't have a photo of it, I can work from your description.  Or, if you are not sure what you want, I can come up with a pose and expression for you!  At this stage, we will also discuss background colors or details.


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Whether you had a pose or photo in mind, or had me come up with something, I will show you a quick sketch to get your approval on what I've come up with.  If you want something changed, I can easily change it at this stage, or do a new sketch all together.  For larger commissions, such as the Fullbody Portrait, I will come up with a few thumbnails of different takes on the concept for you to choose from before I do a larger sketch. Once you approve the sketch, I'll ask for half payment.

Halfway Checkpoint

About halfway through your commission, typically before I begin shading and details, I will send you the base colors for approval.  I will change even the slightest details so that your pet looks like themselves!  Typically clients ask me to lighten or darken 

the colors, or add a few more details like spots on the tongue or nose.  At this stage, I can also still change minor things about the pose, such as a different expression, paw lifted up, more fluff, etc..  If I make any changes, I will send it back to you for approval.


Yay!  I will send you a smaller version of the finished artwork, and once the second half of payment is complete, I'll send you the full version--either by email or google drive for larger files.  But if there is ever something that seems off, such as background details or colors, please let me know so I can fix it to your liking.  You can use your commission for whatever you'd like!  Profile picture, social media banner, website, etc..  Or you could print it out on a canvas, t-shirt, or pop socket, and much more!

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