Frequently Asked Questions about Commissions



Can I print my commissioned Art?

Absolutely!  You paid for it and can use it however you'd like!  If you intend to print in a large size, please mention it up front so I can work in the correct scale.


Do you need a photo of my pet in the pose/mood I am asking for?

Nope!  I can put your pet into any pose/mood you'd like, even if you don't have a photo of it.  I just need photos for their colors and markings.  Though of course if you have a favorite photo you would like me to replicate, then I'd be happy to.


I am unable to get a photo with all of my pets in it at once.  Can you still draw them all together?

Yes!  If I have a photo of each pet for scale and colors, I can draw them all in one picture!  I have many animals myself, and it would be nearly impossible to get them to cooperate for a family photo


Do you draw people?

Yes!  I am always willing to draw people, though animals are my specialty!


What else can you draw?

I can draw any kind of creature--horses, birds, lions, dinosaurs, and even mythical creatures!  I love drawing make-believe creatures and I used to draw dragons as often as dogs.  I am also open to drawing robots as well.


I own a small business, can I use your art for my business card, website, advertising, etc.?

Yes, I'm happy to help out your business and am honored to be the artist you chose to do so!  For larger companies or contract work, please contact me for pricing.


Can I change something about my commission later on?

Yes! I am more than happy to bring out your commission and make a few tweaks, as sometimes you do not notice until later.  For example, I can change the background of a headshot drawing to have Christmas colors, or even a different color for each month.  I can also lighten harsh lines, or adjust certain colors throughout the piece.  


I need to back out of my commission.

A lot can change in even the shortest time between when you order a commission and when it is started.  You do not have to explain yourself, and please do not feel bad! Please let me know as soon as you can, the earlier the better.  Or, I can also place your commission on hold, and I can complete it later on when you are ready!